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A breakthrough for disaster preparedness!

Safely Store Emergency Drinking Water For 5 YEARS!
Check.gif (926 bytes) Eliminates Replacing   Water Every 3-6 Months
Check.gif (926 bytes) Proven In Over 12 Years Of Testing And Use
Check.gif (926 bytes) Purifies And Keeps Water Bacteriologically Safe
Check.gif (926 bytes) U.S. EPA, And State Registered; Safe And Effective
Check.gif (926 bytes) #1 Recommended Product By Emergency Professionals

Available in sizes to treat 30 and 55 gallons

Water Preserver™ Concentrate can be used with regular tap water or bottled drinking water, using WaterCube™ brand containers or any other containers or drums suitable for drinking water storage. Easy to follow directions included with each bottle. Use only as directed.

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